Family Education Hour
Sundays 9:00am
beginning September 8th.

Early Childhood

1st--12th Grade
Fellowship Hall
**Those in this class are divided into groups that have kids of all ages represented. The idea is to create a community that is not further subdivided by age but works together through the big ideas. Adults help facility activities and discussions in the groups.

Fellowship Hall (Library Side)

Thursdays 6:00pm

Beginning in October, youth in 7th & 8th grade will meet once a week for food, fellowship, and a time of study. If you are interested in this faith formation process please contact the office. For more information about the program click here


Ladies Bible Study
Mondays 9:30am

For some time a group of dedicated ladies from the community, many of whom are members at other congregations in the area, gather together in the fellowship hall to study a book of the bible. Come join in!