In this meal Christ gives His very body and blood to you for the forgiveness of sins and strengthening of faith (Mt. 26:2628). The Lord's Supper is celebrated here in the historic and scriptural understanding that Christ's body and blood are truly present in, with, and under the bread and the wine. It is also a moment that manifests the unity of the church which exists on account of Christ. In I Corinthians, the Apostle Paul is concerned that the church recognizes both aspects. He affirms both the real presence of Christ and the unity of the people that partake of Christ's body and blood. Because this is the case, he urges everyone to examine themselves that they might recognize the gift God gives of Himself in the sacrament and so that their unity with everyone else partaking of it would be made manifest. This examination forces each participant to grapple with the reality that the gift of forgiveness between God and the believer, although integral, is not the only dimension of faith. Gathering together around the Lord's Supper is not just an individual act between God and the believer. It is an act that manifests the unity that exists between the believer and the church gathered at all times and in all places in general, and in this congregation specifically. 

Children and adults who have yet to receive instruction or have doubts and/or concerns about the presence of Christ or the purpose and gift given in this meal as explained above are invited to come forward to receive a blessing, indicating so by crossing your arms over your chest.

Distribution is typically done at the rail. If for some reason you are unable to make it to the rail please inform and usher and the pastor will bring the sacrament to you. When distribution takes place a the rail the pastor will begin by welcoming everyone to the Lord's table and inviting them to kneel. He will then proceed by distributing the host, if you are in need of a gluten free wafer just let the pastor know and he will bring you one. Following him will be two assistants and the acolyte. The first assistant will carry the tray of individual cups in the center of which is a ring of grape juice for those whose needs require it. The second will carry the chalice filled with wine. When receiving from the chalice please place a hand on the chalice to assist in receiving the wine.  Each communicant may decide which to use. Intinction, which is dipping the host into the chalice, is also permitted. The acolyte will follow the second assistant with a tray for used individual cups. After everyone has communed the pastor will dismiss the communicants. 

On rare occasions distribution will be done by continuous flow. The lectern side will commune first. The pastor will distribute the host. Beside him will be the two communion assistants, the first with the individual tray and the second with the common cup. Each communicant may decide which to use. If using the common cup, please place a hand on it to assist in receiving the wine. Intinction, which is dipping the host into the chalice, is also permitted. The acolyte will stand beside the second communion assistant holding the tray for empty individual cups. After the lectern side has communed the pastor, communion assistants, and acolyte will switch sides and the pulpit side will be invited forward to commune. If you would like to spend time kneeling in prayer after receiving the sacrament you may do so at the communion rail. After everyone has communed and before the Post-Communion Canticle is sung the pastor will speak the dismissal blessing upon all communicants.  

You can download a copy of our Communion Statement