Service is integral to how we understand our place in our local, regional, and global community. We make every effort to care for those whom God has made us neighbors of. Below is a brief description of some of the work we doing. For more information please contact us!


God's Help Squad

We aim to do the best we can with what God has provided us to help and support people in the community. In an effort to fund this work, we collect a "Noisy Offering" at the end of every service. This money goes directly to help the felt needs of people. Please don't hesitate to contact the office with any questions!

Hereford Food Bank

We take seriously the community in which we live. One of the efforts within that community is a food bank. We are always collecting donations to support that effort. You can find the donation spot in the hallway outside the offices. 

The Lord's Lunch

Every 5th Saturday is our congregation's turn to prepare and serve the meal known the Lord's Lunch. This takes place at a nearby congregation weekly, with different congregations taking turns. Anyone and everyone who is in need of a hot meal is welcome to attend. We are also always looking for people to help prepare and serve food when it is our turn. 



Lutheran Mission Society

This ministry operates ten compassion centers providing food, clothing, some health services, disaster relief, chaplaincy, educational services, and Christian counseling throughout the Baltimore, MD and York, PA areas. We support this work financially but also through collection of donations. If you are interested in donating please stop by. 

Augsburg Lutheran Home

Owned and supported by over 80 Lutheran congregations, Augsburg Village, founded in the late 1800s, is a faith-based community that welcomes individuals of all beliefs, cultures and ethnic backgrounds. This ministry believes the benefits of living in a retirement community should be attainable. Augsburg Lutheran Home works tireless to care for its residents and we are proud to be able to support that work. 



Lutheran World Relief

Through this organization we are able to reach out to those who have felt needs across the world. During Lent we focus on Lutheran World Relief not only through the use of their Eco-Palms program but also by collecting and preparing Personal Care Kits